Services to the construction industry

Here at Moon Shine, we want to make choosing, specifying, purchasing, installing and maintaining our Systems as easy as possible.

The services we offer include

  • Full technical back up including specifications, drawings, site surveys and calculations
  • Window and door manufacture through our network of fabricator partners
  • An installation service
  • Overall project management, including client liaison
  • Full maintenance plans

The Extruded Profiles

The Profiles are extremely durable, and require only low maintenance over their long service lives.  Besides, they the aluminium elements are non-flammable, colourfast and 100% recyclable.  It also carries high stability and load bearing capacity, elements can be produced in extraordinary sizes and with various glass options.

Their weather resistance lends them long term durability and they are maintenance free to the greatest possible extent.  They fulfil virtually all architectural challenges affecting colour, shape, and design. The value and appearance of these aluminium structural elements are therefore preserved – with the corresponding cuts in the cleaning, maintenance and care costs for the projects.

The Environment

Our Company is totally committed to ensuring our activities have zero or minimal impact on the environment. Our products are designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Our manufacturing facilities are constantly audited to ensure our resource use is minimised and our waste disposal and recycling facilities are as efficient as possible.


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About US

MOON SHINE BUILDING MATERIAL TRADING LLC was incorporated under license from the Department of Economic Development (DED), a Government Body in Dubai, U.A.E. Moon Shine commenced its Foreign Trade business in the Year 2005.

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