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Who Are We?

We are Importers, Exporters, Traders, Manufacturers’ Representatives, Authorized Agents, Sourcing Specialists, Indenters, Business Developers and Consultants—03200233
FS in Building & Construction Materialsfield directly collaborated and networked with several large and integrated mills.

In today’s highly competitive world, needless to mention, Sourcing has been our Passion, Procuring right materials is our Expertise, Making value additions visible in the growth of our customers is our Objective, ensuring each deal a safe andsecured one impregnably protecting the interest of our customershas become our Priority, extending our professional services to the fullest satisfaction of our customers is our Endeavor, Living-up to the expectation level of our customers is our Dream and bridging a long term fruitful business association with all our customers is our Pursuit

What Do We Do?

Not necessarily the Buyer needs to be familiar or comprehensible with the critical techno-commercial skills, best origin and right supply sources at right time, its reliability, smooth interactions with different nationalities, right time to procure, right prices and the complex import procedures for the material to be imported; but one thing he is sure of is, ‘the right combination of all these basic parameters culminates to the job well done’. Here comes the role of Moon Shine, and our saga “With You in Every Step…” comes true!

We beg to challenge that no importer of these materials can just ignore us. What we all need is just your enquiry…

Who are we looking for?

International trade plays a major role in the global market as businesses exchange goods and services between borders and territories. It is a fast-moving dynamic sector which demands a solid understanding of operations and management skillset in order, to succeed in business.

Carrying out trade at an international level is a complex process when compared to domestic trade. When trade takes place between two or more nations factors like currency, government policies, economy, judicial system, laws, and markets influence trade.

We will be highly effective mainly for all those stockiest or traders who are weary of these risk factors, who need to procure the right quality/quantity material at most competitive rates, who have limitations to have a dedicated Import Wing to source, negotiate, contract and procure.

Our Geographical Distribution & Reach

With our sourcing expertise, we are currently collaborated and networked, operating and supplying from/to the following countries:

Middle East:

• U.A.E.
• Saudi Arabia
• Oman
• Qatar
• Kuwait
• Bahrain
• Iran
• Iraq


• South Africa
• Mozambique
• Nigeria
• Kenya
• Tanzania
• Angola
• Ethiopia


• Austria
• Germany
• Romania
• Poland
• Russia
• Ukraine
• Turkey


• China
• India
• South Korea
• Malaysia
• Singapore
• Taiwan
• Vietnam

Our Market Segments

We have been fortunate enough to associate with our customers consisting Stockiest and OEMs of following sectors:
• Building & Construction
• Road and Bridge Works
• Metal Works & Fabrications
• Marine & Ship Building etc.
• Oil & Gas
• Manufacturing sectors
• Signage, Displays & Exhibitions
• Packaging
• Interiors, Fit Out & Woodwork

There is a plethora of products in Building & Construction field that we source and supply to our clients success talk. Listed below are some of our main products:





All Alloys – CC/DC Route Plain Coils, Sheets & Plates, Checkered Plates, Corrugated Sheets, Stucco Sheets, Pre-Painted Coils, Foils, Profiles, etc.

SS CR/HR Coils, Sheets & Plates, Processed SS Sheets, Angles, Channels, Flat bars, Square Bars, Round Bars, Bright Bars Hollow Tubes/Pipes, etc.

CR & HR based HDGI Coils, Sheets (All Spangles), Pre-Painted GI/GL Coils, EG Coils & Sheets, Pre-Galvanized, Corrugated Sheets, GI Hollow Pipes etc.

MS HR & CR Coils & Sheets, HR Plates, Checkered Sheets, MS Angles, Channels, Beams, Flat/-Square-Round-Shafting Bars, Hollow Pipes etc.

Binding Wire, Wire Nails, Fasteners: Threaded Rods (Studs), Nuts, Bolts, & Washers, Props, Wheel Barros, Safety Products, Gloves, Meshes, Tarpaulin, Hessian Cloth, Tools etc. Hardwoods: Red Meranti, Beech, Mahogany, Teak, Oak, Cherry wood etc. Softwood /Coniferous: White Spruce, Poplar, Pine, Basswood etc. Plywood (Commercial, Marine & Fancy), MDF (Plain & Melamine), Particle Boards, High Pressure Laminates, Poly-carbonate & Acrylic Sheets, Gypsum Board etc. Building Mesh Machines and finished products: Metal Laths, Sheet Laths, Rib Lath, All Metal Beads (Angle, Plaster Stop, Movement etc.), Block Work Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh etc.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is > 15MT +/-5%

Our Back Office in India is an integral part of our International business operations, which mainly takes care of managing inquiries, offers, negotiations, order processing documentation, and giving updates to our clients in a more efficacious and economical way. In our Back Office, our expert team interacts with our business regularity, understands the clients’ exact requirements, and executes it to their fullest satisfaction.

We also believe that executing our clients’ orders and providing quality products is not just enough in today’s competitive business environment. We go a step further and offer our clients the most valuable market intelligence and research information pertaining to their industry and products, market trends and update them about price fluctuations.

We Are Winning Team

MOON SHINE began its journey upon Five pillars; Building & Construction Materials import, trade, consultancy, advisory and business development services that placed the satisfaction and trust of our customers at the center of deliverance. Over the years, backed by these pillars we have gone to become one of the most trusted and sought-after facilitators of import of Building & Construction Materials in Middle East & Africa regions.

As a client centric service provider, we have made our supply and service propositions not only affordable to but also a top-notch in our constant endeavours to offer maximum value for the trust our clients vest on us and the investments they make with us.


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About US

MOON SHINE BUILDING MATERIAL TRADING LLC was incorporated under license from the Department of Economic Development (DED), a Government Body in Dubai, U.A.E. Moon Shine commenced its Foreign Trade business in the Year 2005.

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